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Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Welcome to the Gotta Be Me Blog!

We've got so much going on that we've decided to blog about it. In addition to posts from GBM staff, we'll also be inviting our GBM friends to write posts and share photos/videos they've taken.

We believe anything is possible. It's what gets us up every day and keeps us moving toward the belief that we can be a shining light in our community, making it a happier, healthier and safer place.

Gotta Be Me (GBM to our friends) creates opportunities for people with all abilities to come together and become who they want to be, without limits. Making music? Yep. Creating and selling art? Yep. Shopping at the local farmer's market? Yep. Cooking a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant? Yep. We can't wait to see you while we're out and about - learning to be self-sufficient, empowered and socially savvy.

Our community encounters spur us to take action, learn, grow and be part of a community experience that changes us. These interactions provide us all with the opportunity to meet new people, develop friendships and - just maybe - help some of us see there is joy in the every day for everyone.

Want to write something or share a photo you've taken? Just email it to us at Check back soon!

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